Pet Wellness & Nutrition in Chicago, IL

Regular wellness exams at Mid North Animal Hospital safeguard your pet’s health and happiness. Schedule today for compassionate care.

Lifetime Wellness Care & Nutrition

Your pet needs to see the veterinarian for regular wellness evaluations. Bringing your pet to Mid North Animal Hospital for a complete checkup and blood work when they are healthy helps establish baselines, so we can more easily determine the source of a problem when he or she is ill.

Wellness Visits

Regardless of your pet’s vaccination needs, which are tailored to each individual, every pet should receive a wellness exam at least annually. When you make your yearly appointment, we will perform a complete wellness exam. This keeps us up to date with any changes going on with your pet, and we can catch some diseases before they become a problem.

If you consider the fact that your pet ages much faster than you do, it only makes sense that he or she needs to see the veterinarian at least as often as you should. Annual visits are important for both you and your pet.

Nutrition and Weight

Too many dogs and cats suffer from excessive weight as they age. You should be able to feel your dog’s ribcage, and the belly should not be hanging as low as the chest. A cat may have extra skin that hangs down behind the ribs, but it is skin, not fat. If you cannot feel your cat’s ribs and backbone, they likely need to lose some weight.

Obesity in animals is as bad as it is for humans. As your pet ages, being overweight will be the biggest cause of joint and movement problems. Keeping them active and moving will help, but maintaining the proper weight will also extend their life. Being overweight significantly reduces the life expectancy of your pet.

Many pet foods claim to provide a balanced diet but fall short in many ways. We will work with you to make sure your pet receives all the vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbs they need to stay active and healthy.

As your pet ages, there will be many changes in their activity level. It is important to make changes to his or her diet as the nutritional needs change.

Keeping your pet healthy is your job as a pet parent. Make sure he or she visits us for routine checkups and vaccinations, gets plenty of exercise, eats the proper foods, and maintains a healthy weight.

Being healthy is important to your pet’s happiness, and your peace of mind. Call us today to schedule a wellness exam for your pet.