Pet End-of-Life Care in Chicago, IL

We offer expert guidance for end-of-life care decisions for aging pets. Discuss options and find support with compassionate veterinary assistance.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

Saying goodbye and letting go of a loved one is always hard, and making decisions in your pet’s best interest as they age can be difficult. No matter what you decide, we are here to help you and your pet through the process. While it is not something anyone likes to talk about, we advise discussing these issues before the need for action arises so you do not make a decision when you are emotionally distraught.

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How Much and What Type of Care Should Be Given?

As your pet ages, you will need to make decisions regarding their care. If your pet has a terminal illness or is reaching the end of their senior years, make an appointment with us to discuss:

  • Your pet’s overall health status
  • How much pain is involved, and what pain management options are suitable
  • Whether or not you can provide care at home
  • What to expect in the near future
  • Special diets or medications to treat chronic diseases

No matter your pet’s needs, we will help you to be aware of the extra care your companion will need to be happy and comfortable at home.

Final Arrangements

You have a few choices regarding what will be done with your pet’s remains once they have passed. It is most common to have a cremation performed, which we can assist you in arranging. We have several options if you choose to keep your pet’s ashes, as well.

The deep bond shared between you and your pet can often make decisions regarding end-of-life care challenging. Throughout your pet’s life journey, whether it involves routine check-ups, vaccinations, or other medical procedures, we encourage open communication with us. We are here to support you during difficult times and assist you in making decisions that are in the best interest of both you and your beloved companion.

We are here for you and your pets. Please give us a call to speak to our caring and compassionate team.